Rafael Martins

My name is Rafael Goncalves Martins. I'm a Control and Automation engineer, programmer and open-source developer.

I'm currently working for Red Hat, as Software Engineer.

I spend almost all my free time playing with open-source stuff. The main projects I'm working on are oVirt, Gentoo Linux, balde and blogc.

On the personal-side, I'm a 28 years old guy, single, living in Brno, Czech Republic.


  • Email (Personal stuff): rafael [at] rafaelmartins [dot] eng [dot] br
  • Email (Gentoo-related stuff): rafaelmartins [at] gentoo [dot] org
  • Email (Work-related stuff): rmartins [at] redhat [dot] com
  • IRC: rafaelmartins [at] irc.{freenode,oftc}.net
  • Telegram: @rafaelgmartins
  • Twitter: @rafaelmartins
  • PGP key: 0x3EF74952E894ABDE

Feel free to drop me a line, or ping me on IRC/Telegram, if you need something. I'm not very responsive nowadays, though.

Blog comments

Some people ask me why this website does not accepts user comments in the blog posts. This is something intentional. I don't really want user feedback here in this space.

If you want to comment about whatever I wrote here, you are free to write a post on your own blog/social network profile/whatever mentioning it, and if you do, please drop me an email with the URL. If it is interesting enough, it may be mentioned on my post.