Rafael Martins

About me

My name is Rafael Martins, I'm a Brazilian Software Engineer, based in Ingolstadt, Germany. I currently work on flight simulation tooling for Airbus, in the Manching site, which is part of the Defence division.

My main interests are: C/C++, Golang, Flight Simulation, Control Systems, Electronics and Microcontrollers (AVR, RP2, PIC and ESP families).


Since September 14, 2020, I accept encrypted messages and sign Open Source software releases with the following OpenPGP key: 0x47B8CCD75DBE6358

The public key should be available in most public key servers and can be also downloaded directly from this website, by clicking here: /pgp-pubkey.txt

The key fingerprint is: 072E 1977 EB6B 44B9 4D75 AD0A 47B8 CCD7 5DBE 6358.